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What is a webcast?

Webcasts are pre-recorded lectures from our  instructors. Unlike Self-Studies and Self-Study  Videos, customers do not have to take a qualified assessment to receive credit.

Customers have the ability to ask the moderator of the webcast, any clarifying questions or for  more information on the topic at hand.

Every 10-15 minutes, customers will receive a  prompt that will ask them to verify their  attendance. Each answered prompt allows us to  track how many credits they will receive at the  end of the webcast.

Customers must complete 70% of their attendance  prompts in order to receive full credit. If they have less than  70%, they will receive the credit amount that is equal to  how many hours they have completed. For example, if it is a  4 hour course and they only answered 50% of their  attendance prompts, instead of 4 credits, they will only earn  2.

Customers will receive a 10-minute break every 50  minutes.

Customers cannot rewind, fast forward, skip breaks, pause  or exit the webcasts. If a customer exits the webcast, it will  forfeit the time viewed and they will have to start back from  the beginning, unless they have FlexCast.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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