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Can several people watch a webcast on the same computer?

Several people can view a webcast as a group via a single computer and an LCD projector or a big-screen monitor, but they need to contact Western CPE’s Customer Care at (800) 822-4194 prior to the webcast to ensure all participants have registered for the webcast and have a designated proctor. Each participant must pay for the webcast in order to receive CPE credit.

The designated proctor must be present during the webcast to verify participant attendance. The proctor will need to complete an online attendance roster, which the proctor will receive by email prior to the webcast. Upon completion of the webcast, each registered participant will automatically receive their certificates once the proctor has verified and submitted the online form.

Proctors don’t earn CPE credits. You must have a group of two or more people registered to use the proctor method. If you’re not using the proctor method, each attendee must view the webcast in their own Western CPE account.

Detailed instructions on completing the online proctor form will be provided to the proctor prior to the group webcast.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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