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How to choose the correct update

So many options - where to start?! Follow these 3 steps.

Which type?

Does the customer practice California tax law?

No → the Federal Tax Update is the one for them

Yes → the California Federal Tax Update is the one for them

Which edition(s)?

*99% of customers purchase the Complete Collection.

Does the customer provide client services for individuals/work in individual tax law, tax law for businesses or both?

Individuals only → Individual edition

Businesses and Corporations only → Business edition

Both → Complete Collection

Which learning format?

Ordered by popularity: webcast, self-study, self-study video

Do you prefer to watch a video or read? Test or no test?

Webcast → video (specific viewing hours) + no test + downloadable text manual of the course

Self-study → text only (downloadable text manual) + test + worth more credits

Self-study Video → video (viewed anytime) + test + downloadable text manual of the course

Our Tax Updates are titled/labeled with the year they are released. For example, the Tax Updates on pre-sale now to release this November are known as the 2023 Federal Tax Update and 2023 California Federal Tax Update. This can be confusing because these Updates will still be relevant and available for purchase through Spring 2024. Just think of them as 2023-2024 Tax Updates.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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