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What is the venue for my live event? What time does my event start?

Finding Venue and Start Time Information for Live Events

All venue and start time information for our live events are available on each event's page on our website. Here's how you can find this information:

Navigate to Live Events: From the navigation bar at the top of our website, hover your mouse over "Live Events". You will see a dropdown menu where you can select from conferences, Federal Tax Update Seminars, California Federal Tax Update Seminars, or our New Money Summit.

New Money Summit Homepage

Select Event Type: Choose the correct type of event you're interested in. This will direct you to the section of the website dedicated to that event type.

Choose Location:
- For conferences: Find the correct location and click on the "Explore Now" button under your preferred location.
- For seminars: Simply find the correct location and click on it.

Location example

Access Venue and Start Time Information:
- For Conferences:
- The venue will be listed at the very top of the event page.
Conference info
- The start time can be found about halfway down the page in the "Select Your Conference Courses" section.

- For Seminars:
- Both venue and start time information are listed at the very top of the page in the "Order Now" box.

By following these steps, you'll have access to all the necessary information to plan your attendance at our live events.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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